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Tru-Align Body System

The system was designed by a chiropractor that realized the benefits of decompression increase exponentially when the proper spinal curve is restored. The system comes with step-by-step instructions for the patient to use to ensure proper setup at home. The body is supported face down at key points, allowing gravity to exert a gentle downward pressure encouraging the sacroiliac, spinal, shoulder and TMJ joints to be stretched and shaped to an improved biomechanical position.

Guardian Angel

The unique shape of the Guardian Angel, formulated with over 300 points, will stimulate acupuncture points in your hands to treat pain and prevent disease in the body. The conical shaped points press into the palm and fingers ¼ inch to stimulate exact acupuncture points. These points trigger the brain to release bodily chemicals-oxygen, greater blood flow, hormones, etc. bringing balance to any troubled areas of the body!

“B” deodorant

Bridget is an energetic and aspiring entrepreneur. She is a highly involved student, and citizen. She is a member of her high school orchesis, poms, cricket, and ultimate frisbee teams. She is also a member of several leadership programs, including Knight’s Way and the Underground, which help the entire student body.  She is a well-rounded individual who loves being involved in her school, community and church. Homeopathy is her passion and Bridget hopes to pursue a career in the field. If you support “B” deodorant, you are not only doing your body a favor, but also supporting the future of America.

Hot & Cold Packs

Click It Hot™ is a reusable hot and cold pad. It heats to a comfortable 130 degrees and depending on size, lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours, warming hands, soothing aching joints, back pain, as well as giving relief to shoulder and neck stress. Great for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, arthritis sufferers, people who spend a lot of time sitting or standing, during menstrual periods, expectant moms… the list goes on and on. Simply click for heat, and refrigerate for cold!


Miracle Salt – 1 ounce

Miracle Salt is most effective in stabilizing irregular heartbeats and it is essential for the regulation of blood pressure – in conjunction with water. Naturally the proportions are critical. Miracle Salt is vital to the extraction of excess acidity from the cells in the body, particularly the brain cells.
Miracle Salt is vital for balancing the sugar levels in the blood: a needed clement for diabetics.