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Now You Can Buy Tru-Align Body System in 3 & 6 Months Installments

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  • Tru-Align Body System

    30-day-money-back-guaranteeThe system was designed by a chiropractor that realized the benefits of decompression increase exponentially when the proper spinal curve is restored. The system comes with step-by-step instructions for the patient to use to ensure proper setup at home. The body is supported face down at key points, allowing gravity to exert a gentle downward pressure encouraging the sacroiliac, spinal, shoulder and TMJ joints to be stretched and shaped to an improved biomechanical position.
    Daily use results in improved posture, flexibility and alignment. It can be extremely effective in
    alleviating anterior head carriage, whiplash injuries, scoliosis, disc problems, sciatica, upper cervical related headaches, sinus pressure, TMJ/Bruxism, and spinal related neuropathies and  radiculopathies..
    $495.00 $395.00 View Details
  • Shoulder & Neck Pad

    The REUSABLE Click It Hot Shoulder & Neck pad is specifically designed to be used on your upper back and neck. With its unique design, the pad can also be placed on your shoulders and knees. The heat will relax and soothe sore muscles as well as relieve tension. The Click It Hot Shoulder & Neck Pad is a reusable hot and cold pad. It heats to a comfortable 130 degrees that lasts up to 120 minutes, warming your shoulders and neck area.

    $49.99 View Details
  • Miracle Salt – 1 ounce

    Miracle Salt(tm) – Instantly Alkalize, Hydrate, Mineralization, and gently
    Detoxify. Provide additional electrolytes and disinfect the mouth.

    $39.95$250.00 View Details
  • Guardian Angel

    The unique shape of the Guardian Angel, formulated with over 300 points, will stimulate acupuncture points in your hands to treat pain and prevent disease in the body. The conical shaped points press into the palm and fingers ¼ inch to stimulate exact acupuncture points. These points trigger the brain to release bodily chemicals-oxygen, greater blood flow, hormones, etc. bringing balance to any troubled areas of the body!

    $149.95 View Details
  • 5-IN-1 Use-It for Pouch Back & Abdomen Pad

    The USE-IT 5-in-1 Personal Comfort System is the perfect accessory for the Click It Hot™ Back & Abdomen Pad. Its clever 5-in-1 design allows for conversion from low back, abdomen, shoulder sling, full back, or full front configurations without additional or separate parts. All belts, straps and buckles are attached and stow conveniently inside of the unit when not in use. It is designed to be worn under apparel for maximum comfort, or it can be used for therapeutic hot/cold applications.

    $39.99 View Details
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