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In Honor of World Spine Day, October 16, 2019, Kacelia is offering the Tru-Align Body System at the discounted price of $350 through the end of the month!

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Spinal Decompression

 from the comfort of your own home!

Non Surgical Natural Tractioning and Realigning of the Spinal and Sacroiliac Joints

In any situation where spinal decompression or traction is needed,  nonsurgical methods should always be explored first.

Just 20 Minutes A Day

Using the Tru-Align Body System for just 20 minutes a day can decompose limbers, and align the spinal and sacroiliac joints, relieving sciatica nerve pain and leading to a better quality of life.

The Tru-Align Body System by Kacelia is a self treatment device that decomposes the entire spine and sacroiliac joints simultaneously,  while it encourages the proper postural curves.

 Hi It works the first time. It was minorly uncomfortable as it performed realignment. The next day 2nd time was comfortable. It helps if you try and relax into the sponges and the gravity aspect. I have chronic back/neck pain and I feel better than I have in months. 2 10-15 minute treatments. Wonderful product five stars. Same goes for the healing purveyors associated with it. May your lives be blessed.

 Rod D

As a chiropractor I recognized that we are not just a collection of individual parts, but a body "system" that often have compensatory reactions and influences on other systems.  

Dr. Evelyn Haworth

The Healer, The Inventor

 Spinal Re Alignment With Tru-Align

Very frequently because of the bio mechanical shift in the lower back, the mid back and neck will shift to compensate. Any attempt to decompress the original complaint can be foiled by the area compensating, causing it to now constantly want to shift back,  "compensating for the compensating".
The spinal discs are designed to bear weight with the normal healthy postural curves, not straight, like an arrow. It only makes sense that these curves should be installed simultaneously during the spinal decompression treatment.

The Kacelia

Tru-Align Body System

Try The Kacelia Tru-Align for Spinal Decompression

Tru-Align Body System

Tru-Align Body System

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