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Kind – Athletic – Confident – Elated – Loving – Intelligent – Appreciative

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Dr. Evelyn Haworth
The Healer, The Inventor

Evelyn treated her “first patient” on the yellow school bus in 1st grade; who just so happened to be her bus driver with a stiff neck.  Since then she has never looked back. Evelyn was destined to be a healer; she has now treated over 15,000 patients throughout her career, and each patient has made an impact on her life. Although she has been quite successful running her Chiropractic Clinic money was never the reason for her choice of careers.  Evelyn is very passionate about the way she cares for her patients and she always welcomes everyone with open arms “literally” anyone who has met Evelyn knows they will always get a hug. Her passion for helping heal is the reason she created the Tru-Align Body System. The system allows the patients to take charge of their own spinal and postural health from the comfort of their own homes. Now Evelyn and her partner/ husband Kelly have been traveling the country attending shows to reach and demonstrate the system to as many people as possible. This allows her to help more people and as we say at the office ” If we don’t kill the scout, the rest of the tribe comes in”.

Dr. Evelyn Haworth Graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in May 1978 Roanoke College in Salem Virginia where she also held a paid merit position of physics teaching assistant. She received a Bachelor of Human Biology in December 1981, Dr. of Chiropractic in December 1983 from national college of chiropractic in Lombard ill. In chiropractic school Evelyn was singled out as a natural and broke the record for the most patient visits in the school’s history during her internship. In 1984 she opened Greater Chicago Chiropractic and was operating in the black within 2 months of opening. In November 1994 she achieved a D.I. Hom from the British Institution of Homeopathy in London England. At the peak of her practice she averaged 225 patients per week and attracted 20 new patients per week. Evelyn has treated more than 15,000 patients over her career. In September 2011 Evelyn invented the first prototype of the Tru-Align Body System. One year later she applied for the patent (utility patented granted) and in January 2014 the Tru-Align was brought to market.

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Kelly Haworth
The Man Behind the Woman

Kelly attended the University of Michigan on a full scholarship and at the age of 26 he became the general manager of a multi-million-dollar annual sales restaurant.  He later joined Greater Chicago Chiropractic Health Center, where he harnessed Dr. Evelyn’s healing talents into a million-dollar practice in the 1990s.  Kelly’s favorite honor was being voted most humorous by his high school class as he joyfully states, “not because I went to school with Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain and Mel Brooks, but because next to my wife I love nothing more than making people laugh.”

Muse , bon vivant and all-around good guy.

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