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Non Surgical Spinal Decompression

In any situation where spinal decompression or traction is needed,  nonsurgical methods should always be explored first. There are many different approaches and gadgets designed to pull the spine apart. Pulleys with weights or machines strapped onto the body that pull apart, machines that have rollers that move up and down the spine, and even one using inertia,  are performed with the patient lying face up. There is at least one method where a practitioner will attach a system to the patient's body and the therapy takes place with the patient walking and standing. There are wearable devices that use air pumps to pull apart the neck or lower back. Inversion tables are one of the most popular methods of at home traction. I personally used one of the "hang ups"  and prescribed it for many of my patients.  I have since sold my unit, not because it didn't have any benefit,  but now there is something new that does so much more, more comfortably, and with better results.

As a chiropractor I recognized that we are not just a collection of individual parts, but a body "system" that often have compensatory reactions and influences on other systems.  

For example,  let's say that you have an L5-S1(bottom lumbar) disc herniation that is like a little blister that sticks out on the right side and puts pressure on the nerve exiting there. Whenever a nerve is " pinched" like this the body reacts, the muscles "guard" tensing up or spasming. This can cause the entire region to be pulled out of alignment like the sacroiliac joint below or the lumbar vertebrae above.

Very frequently because of the bio mechanical shift in the lower back, the mid back and neck will shift to compensate. Any attempt to decompress the original complaint can be foiled by the area compensating, causing it to now constantly want to shift back,  "compensating for the compensating".

The spinal discs are designed to bear weight with the normal healthy postural curves, not straight, like an arrow. It only makes sense that these curves should be installed simultaneously during the spinal  decompression treatment.

Good news! The Tru-Align Body System by Kacelia is a self treatment device that decomposes the entire spine and sacroiliac joints simultaneously,  while it encourages the proper postural curves. To learn more about this safe and effective,  clinically approved treatment system visit

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