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Sciatica Nerve Pain

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

The lower back has five lumbar  vertebrae, with a tailbone ( sacrum) at the base, and sacroiliac joints where the pelvic bones join the sacrum. This is where the sciatic nerve roots exit in pairs on both side and head  down to the mid butt area where they join together to form a nerve as big as your thumb "The Sciatic". From here it runs down and sideways in many branches giving the nerve supply to all parts of the leg (hip, thigh, knee, calf, foot, and toes). That is why sciatica pain can be experienced in many parts of the lower extremities, although the " classic patterns " is in the butt and down the back of the leg.

What can pinch the sciatic nerve:

  1. Acute sprain stain injuries in the lower back causing muscle spasm and swelling, such as, ad fall or sudden hit

  2. Subluxation or misalignments of any of the lumbar vertebrae

  3. Slipped sacroiliac joints

  4. Degenerated lumbar discs

  5. Herniated lumbar discs

  6. Spinal stenosis

Looking for a solution?

Sciatica Nerve Pain Relief Tru-Align Body System

The Tru-Align Body System by Kacelia is a self treatment device that decomposes, limbers, and aligns the spinal and sacroiliac joints. The body is held up at key points while lying face down, allowing gravity to exert a gentle downward pressure. The spinal discs respond so well to this therapy because an improved biomechanical curve is being installed while a vacuum is created, encouraging degenerative discs to imbibe ( suck in fluid,),and disc herniations to shrink, like deflating balloons.

This therapy encourages the soft tissues and vertebrae of the spine to shift centrally,  resulting in aligning subluxations. Even the sacroiliac joints are aligned. All of these factors work together so no matter the cause of the sciatic pressure, the Tru-Align will be effective in relieving the pain.

What is the self treatment protocol for using the Tru-Align Body System?

One lies prone on the cushioned system on the floor or therapy table for a minimum of 20 minutes,  at least five days a week. Most people are remodeled in three to eight months. Then a maintenance of one to three times a week is recommended.

For more information please see our Tru-align Tutorial

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