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News about the Tru Align Body System

Check out the latest videos and articles on Dr. Evelyn Hayworth and the Tru-Align Body System by Kaceila.

Fox News

Treat acute or chronic back and neck pain at home

Trib Live

Devices, exercises can keep technology from being a pain

After years of telling us to sit up straight and don’t slouch, mom’s advice has stood the test of time.

The role of posture in our lives and the dangers of ignoring it are getting more attention lately, including the development of new products, from posture shoes and shirts to step trackers and home body-alignment systems meant to address it.


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The Doctors TV

Back Pain and Wrinkle Treatments Put to the Test; -228 Degree Health Fix?

From debilitating discomfort to unsightly wrinkles, The Doctors put the latest high-tech treatments to the test! Plus, see a “cool” new treatment that claims to freeze away pain and boost immunity. And, OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton debunks a popular myth linking antiperspirant use and breast cancer.


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