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Holistic Headache Help

Pressure on the nerves on the upper neck can frequently result in headaches and migraines. Sometimes they are stress related from a tightening of the neck muscles. Whiplash injuries and other traumas of the neck can trigger neck instability and headaches. Forward head posture (FHP) due to bad posture and too much looking downward (computer/cell phone use), can cause the neck muscles to have to work hard at keeping the head up, causing tension, fatigue, inflammation, and misalignments of the upper neck and base of the skull, which results in headaches.

The Tru-Align encourages the restoration of the anterior neck curve and helps to eliminate FHP. This allows the upper neck muscles to relax. It also helps to decompress and realign the neck and remodel the scarred up muscle attachments, which takes the pressure off of the nerves causing the headaches.

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