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 In Honor of World Spine Day, October 16, 2019, Kacelia is offering the Tru-Align Body System at the discounted price of $350 through the end of the month!

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Relieve Sciatica Nerve Pain

 from the comfort of your own home!

Non Surgical Natural Tractioning and Realigning of the Spinal and Sacroiliac Joints

Just 20 Minutes A Day

Using the Tru-Align Body System for just 20 minutes a day can decompose limbers, and align the spinal and sacroiliac joints, relieving sciatica nerve pain and leading to a better quality of life.

Tru Align Encourage Proper Alignment.jpg

The Tru-Align can relieve sciatica by tractioning and realigning the spinal and sacroiliac joints, improving disc problems, opening the spaces were the nerves exit the spine, and relaxing and stretching the muscles.

From the first use of this system, I stood up straighter, felt and looked taller, and believe it or not, breathed easier. My neck, which has been locked for years, now gives me greater mobility side to side. Back pain is alleviated. I am faithfully using it every day and expect further miracles.

~ Diane M Stella

What Can Pinch the Sciatic Nerve:

The Kacelia

Tru-Align Body System

  1. Acute sprain stain injuries in the lower back causing muscle spasm and swelling, such as, ad fall or sudden hit

  2. Subluxation or misalignments of any of the lumbar vertebrae

  3. Slipped sacroiliac joints

  4. Degenerated lumbar discs

  5. Herniated lumbar discs

  6. Spinal stenosis

Looking For A Solution?

Applying the Kacelia Tru-Align self treatment device for 20 minutes a day five days a week encourages the soft tissues and vertebrae of the spine to shift centrally, resulting in aligning subluxations. Even the sacroiliac joints are aligned. All of these factors work together so no matter the cause of the sciatic pressure, the Tru-Align will be effective in relieving the pain.
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Try The Kacelia Tru-Align and Treat Sciatica Nerve Pain

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